• Rescue Puppy Does The Sweetest Thing When She Sees Sleeping Baby

    Rescue Puppy Does The Sweetest Thing When She Sees Sleeping Baby

                  Location Toronto   The rivalry between the two top universities in Canada can only be intensified by that between their respective cities – Montréal and Toronto. Both are located in the south-east of Canada (Toronto a little further south) and both are large cities – in fact the largest two in the country, led by Toronto.   While Toronto is accepted as Canada’s commercial and financial capital, both cities make claims to being […]

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  • Animals in Mirrors Hilarious Reactions

    Animals in Mirrors Hilarious Reactions

                Top universities in Canada Canada has a well-established position among the world’s leading study destinations. The most popular Canadian provinces for international students are Ontario, British Columbia and Quebec, which between them are home to many of the top universities in Canada. For those looking to study at an elite university in one of the world’s most developed nations, applying to study in Canada can be an attractive option. A total of 26 universities […]

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  • Secret Life of Dogs: Dog drinking water in ultra slow motion

    Secret Life of Dogs: Dog drinking water in ultra slow motion

                Montréal Montreal The biggest city in the French-speaking province of Quebec, Montréal is also the second-largest city in Canada. There are four universities in Montréal, as well as seven other degree-awarding institutions and 12 General and Vocational Colleges (CEGEPs), giving the city the highest concentration of post-secondary students of all major cities in North America. Widely cited as the cultural capital of Canada, Montréal boasts a unique combination of European sophistication and American pizzazz, […]

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  • This Dude Is Playing Football With A Pack Of Lions?! This Is UNBELIEVABLE!

    This Dude Is Playing Football With A Pack Of Lions?! This Is UNBELIEVABLE!

              This article is adapted from the QS Top Grad School Guide 2016-2017, available to read online here. The planet’s third-largest country by both area and population, the US is a world leader across pretty much every sphere of human activity – business, technology, science, politics, media, and of course education. The US is home to many of the world’s most prestigious universities (including half of the global top 10), and hosts more international students than […]

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  • Lexus The Dirt Bike Dog

    Lexus The Dirt Bike Dog

                Columbia University Columbia University could be a personal establishment that was based in 1754. it’s a completecollege boy enrollment of vi,084, its setting is urban, and therefore the field size is thirty six acres. It utilizes a semester-based tutorial calendar. Columbia University’s ranking within the 2015 edition of Best schools is National Universities, 4. Its tuition and costs ar $51,008 (2014-15). Columbia University, placed in Manhattan’s Morningside Heights neighborhood in ny town, offers a […]

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  • Cheetah vs Greyhound – World’s Fastest Dog In Super Slow Motion

    Cheetah vs Greyhound – World’s Fastest Dog In Super Slow Motion

                  University of Leuven The Catholic University of Leuven, (of Louvain in French, and traditionally in English), was thought-about the most important, oldest and most distinguished university in Kingdom of Belgium. The University of Leuven was supported in 1425 by John IV, Duke of Brabant and approved by a decree by Pope Martin V.[1] It flourished for many years because the most distinguished university in what would become Kingdom of Belgium, and one among […]

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  • Zoo That Forces Tigers To Swim Thinks It’s OK To Hit Animals

    Zoo That Forces Tigers To Swim Thinks It’s OK To Hit Animals

                University of California, Berkeley The University of California, Berkeley (also referred to as Berkeley, UC Berkeley, California or simply Cal)[7] is a public research university located in Berkeley, California. It is the flagship campus of the University of California system, one of three parts in the state’s public higher education plan, which also includes the California State University system and the California Community Colleges System. It is considered by the Times Higher Education World […]

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  • Cat Didga Lives with 2 Rottweilers and Copies all Commands They Make

    Cat Didga Lives with 2 Rottweilers and Copies all Commands They Make

                Richard Rummell’s 1906 watercolor of the Yale campus, facing north. 20th century[edit] Behavioral sciences[edit] Between 1925 and 1940, philanthropic foundations, especially ones connected with the Rockefellers, contributed about $7 million to support the Yale Institute of Human Relations and the affiliated Yerkes Laboratories of Primate Biology. The money went toward behavioral science research, which was supported by foundation officers who aimed to “improve mankind” under an informal, loosely defined human engineering effort. The behavioral […]

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  • Dogs Cruelly Killed on So-Called ‘Paradise Island’ Warning: Graphic Content

    Dogs Cruelly Killed on So-Called ‘Paradise Island’ Warning: Graphic Content

                Yale University Founded in 1701 in Saybrook Colony as the Collegiate School, the University is the third-oldest institution of higher education in the United States. In 1718, the school was renamed Yale College in recognition of a gift from Elihu Yale, a governor of the British East India Company and in 1731 received a further gift of land and slaves from Bishop Berkeley.[6] Established to train Congregationalist ministers in theology and sacred languages, by […]

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  • Man tattoos pit bull, now under investigation

    Man tattoos pit bull, now under investigation

                Central Bible College Central Bible College was a private[1] coed[2] Bible college affiliated with the Assemblies of God. It was founded in 1922[3] with the main campus being located in Springfield, Missouri.[4] The campus was closed in May 2013 when the school was consolidated with Evangel University and Assemblies of God Theological Seminary. All three institutions were located in Springfield and owned and operated by the Assemblies of God. The consolidated university officially began […]

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  • Revolting Zoo Attraction Causes Outrage With Animal Activists Around The World

    Revolting Zoo Attraction Causes Outrage With Animal Activists Around The World

                Baylor College of Medicine Baylor College of Medicine (BCM), located in the Texas Medical Center in Houston, Texas, US, is a health sciences university. It includes a medical school, Baylor College of Medicine; the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences; the School of Allied Health Sciences; and the National School of Tropical Medicine. The school, located in the middle of the world’s largest medical center,[2] is part owner of Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center, part […]

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  • Girl Saves Dog in Elevator

    Girl Saves Dog in Elevator

                University of Canberra The University of Canberra (UC) is a public university that is located in Bruce, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory. UC offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses covering six main learning areas: Applied Science; Health; Art and Design; Business, Government and law; Education and Information Sciences and Engineering. As of 2014, the university also offers its degrees at the Holmesglen Institute of TAFE, Metropolitan South Institute of TAFE, Northern Sydney Institute of TAFE and […]

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  • Scared of farts

    Scared of farts

              FLORIDA Broward College Broward College offers a general scholarships for international students. The scholarship is awarded based on academic merit, need, or exceptional talent. There are a limited number of scholarships available and it is recommended to apply early. Completing the application does not guarantee a scholarship will be awarded. For more information on scholarships at Broward College, click here. Florida State University Florida State University offers a range of different scholarships and resources for international […]

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  • Pit Bull doesn’t like farts

    Pit Bull doesn’t like farts

                The United States provides world class education and not just for a select few but for all individuals who seek to better themselves. Fortunately, the USA has some of the best disability and accommodation laws in the world and this extends to the education system as well. Many colleges and universities offer comprehensive resources and support to students with special needs. We’ve highlighted five great schools for students with specials needs: University of Iowa […]

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  • Pit bull is terrified of pineapple

    Pit bull is terrified of pineapple

              INTERVIEW Cruzkaya Barbosa from Venezuela is studying English and pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics at Howard Community College in Columbia, Maryland. WHY DID YOU DECIDE TO STUDY IN THE USA? I wanted to improve my level of English and be able to understand an entire college-level class for my future study. This country offers the master’s program that I have been looking for so long, Food Safety, unlike in my country. WHY DID YOU […]

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  • An injured Pit Bull rescued a moment before disaster

    An injured Pit Bull rescued a moment before disaster

                  Enrollment in online courses seems to grow with each passing semester. After all, the convenience of completing classwork independent of location is a large draw for many students in this busy world. But when it comes to international students and online courses, there are several restrictions to keep in mind. Students with F-1 visas are only allowed to take one online class per semester toward their minimum number of credits for that term. […]

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  • Pit Bull vs Deer

    Pit Bull vs Deer

                  Scholarships: money for school that you don’t have to pay back. The appeal is undeniable. And for many students, scholarships are an absolute necessity in order to realize their educational dreams. Fortunately, many colleges and universities offer scholarships to international students. First, it’s important to realize that a scholarship may not cover all of your tuition and most certainly not all your expenses. Scholarships that do are known in the U.S. as “full-ride […]

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  • Best Trained & Disciplined Dogs

    Best Trained & Disciplined Dogs

                Similar to applying to university, applying for your student visa is not necessarily difficult, but be ready to be organized, follow lots of steps and to wait. First, let’s go over what kind of visa you need. The most common student visa is an F-1 visa. The majority of international students studying in the United States are here on F-1 visas. J-1 visas are primarily for exchange students who receive a majority of their […]

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  • Man gets beaten up for assaulting a stray dog

    Man gets beaten up for assaulting a stray dog

                ANNUAL AVERAGE TUITION COSTS BY TYPE OF INSTITUTION, 2014 – 2015 Public Two-Year Institution: $3,435 Public Four-Year Institution: $23,893 Private Four-Year Institution: $32,405 AVERAGE ROOM AND BOARD COSTS BY TYPE OF INSTITUTION, 2015- 2016 Public Two-Year Institution: $8,003 Public Four-Year Institution: $10,138 Private Four-Year Institution: $11,516 COSTS: Entrance Exams: $500 Application Fees: $250 – $600 Tuition: $2,200 – $40,519 Room & Board: $8,003 – $11,516 Travel Costs: $500 – $3,000 Books & Materials: $900 – $1,300 Health Insurance: $350-$1,500 Personal Expenses: […]

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  • Ultimate Pit Bull

    Ultimate Pit Bull

                  HEALTH INSURANCE: $350 – $1,500 As an international student at a U.S. institution, you will be required to have health insurance. To begin your search for insurance, check with the college or university you would like to attend to see what policies they have available for international students. You can then compare the services and prices offered through your school to those of other organizations and companies. Make sure that your insurance company […]

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  • Pit Bull Parkour

    Pit Bull Parkour

                WORK/STUDY An estimated 75 percent of all full-time students studying at U.S. universities and colleges hold at least part-time jobs. If you are coming to the USA for more than a short-term program or exchange it is likely that you will have an F-1 Student Visa. With this type of visa you may qualify for work/study programs at your school. You might want to work extra hours while still in your home country, as […]

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